Nigerian lady raises

A young Nigerian lady has set a new standard for her fellow women as she gifts her man N1.5 million on his birthday.

Herbert Moses turned a new age on Tuesday, December 31, and his girlfriend went above and beyond to show her love for him on his special day.

Nigerian lady raises

A video circulating online shows the lady surprising the love of her life with the cash gift at a private restaurant, and he is seen posing with a huge cheque and box of money.

The lady’s generous gesture has sparked a myriad of comments on social media, with many people surprised by the cash gift.

Some even claimed she is the first woman in Nigeria to gift a man a large sum of money.

An IG user @funnyfrosh wrote, “This kin girls de rare o, even 5k hard for girls to send, they never have money”

@ileboss66 wrote, “Don’t be surprised it’s part of the money he has collected from him”

@iamblessed_princess wrote, “I can do more when he treat me right & spoils me endlessly, there’s nothing I can’t do for him, but I Dey fear men 😂”

Another one wrote, “Don’t think your woman is going to do same for you if you are stingy. Most guys who gets these kind of things really deserve it. Trust me! 90% do!”

Watch the clip below,

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