A Nigerian lady has shared a video of the N16k prawn and plantain she was served at a luxurious hotel in Lagos state.

luxurious hotel

The lady, identified as @TheSopulu, took to Twitter to express shock at the quantity of the meal and described it as “daylight robbery”.

Nigerian lady shares

However, she stated that she didn’t pay for the food with her money.

@TheSopulu tweeted;

“16,000 naira prawn and plantain “special signature from FOUR POINTS !!! I am livid . Like hoooowwwww???? This one is daylight robbery naw abi!”

Watch the video she shared below,

The video has stirred hilarious reactions on the microblogging platform. See some comments below,

@Benny_ODHOMI wrote,

“If we talk now, they will say we have poverty mentality. This is absolute korokoro daylight robbery!”

@dopelganger5 wrote,

“I work here.. The plantain was air fried with azulmatian sauce. Those prawns were handpicked and salted to healthy percentage following the Dubai standard. The lime too is natural and lightly cultured not injected.
Atmospheric sauce too because our place smells nice.”

@ammybros wrote,

“Prawn wey dem sell three for #200 at Ikire under bridge . Everything in that place no pass #250 for Ikire and Gbongan”

@Ada_Ojilibeka wrote,

“You for squeeze the juice of that slice of lemon on it. Maybe it’s a magic potion that’ll increase the quantity Person shrugging”



  1. one person even saying okoto meow meow that she work there and using nonsense grammer replacing prawn got from iyana-apaja


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