A Beautiful Nigerian Lady has gone viral on social media after she opened up on the level of domestic abuse she went through at the hands of her Boyfriend.

The lady shared a video compilation of what she used to look like before she met him and what she looked like after he’d battered her.

In the shocking video, the lady is seen with bruises all over her body, her face pummeled and her lips gushing with blood.

Watch the video below –

The lady revealed the guy’s name is Bode and she added that she is now a proud misandrist and men are the same because she has never been in a non-toxic relationship.

In her words ;

Being a misandrist is good for me.
Y’all the same I have never been a peaceful relationship everybody just Dey toxic and I no Dey sabi complain I go just Dey cry 🥺instead of me to talk

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