Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Phyna, has accused her friend, Chichi, of making several sneaky moves to snatch her man, Groovy.

After seeing Chichi continually yelling Groovy’s name this morning after he was booted from the show last night, Phyna vented her displeasure in a conversation with Bella and Rachel.

Groovy was evicted during the live eviction on Sunday night. However, moments ago, Chichi, who seemed to have forgotten that Groovy was no longer in the house, called his name in the house until her colleagues reminded her that has been evicted.

This seems to have pissed Phyna, who had previously told Bella of all the different times Chichi tried to make a move on her man.

In a chat with Bella and Rachel in the garden afterwards, Phyna stated that Chichi has eyes for Groovy and narrated how Chichi had begged her to help tell Groovy of her feelings for him before the house merged.

Phyna recounted several instances when Chichi tried to cause a rift between her and Groovy so she could try her luck with him.

A visibly enraged Phyna said she tried to give Chichi the benefit of the doubt, but she only proved her suspicions right at different times.

According to her, she’s disappointed in Chichi as she considers her a friend, and since they have been together before the show and were roommates during their lockdown before they were unveiled as housemates in the seventh season, she believes Chichi owes a level of loyalty.

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