Lawyer narrates

A Nigerian lawyer has shared how he lost his baby after a security man refused to grant them entry into a gated street where their hospital is located.

The lawyer, identified as Adam Muhammed Ndakudu, took to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to recount the heartbreaking incident on Sunday, August 13, in response to a tweet about how residents put gates on roads built by the government.

Lawyer narrates

He revealed that in 2021, he was rushing his newborn to a hospital at night, but the security guard stationed at the street’s gate refused to unlock the gate to allow him entry to the health facility. Sadly, his son died before they arrived at the hospital due to the delay.

Adam tweeted,

“One of the reasons I lost my baby in 2021 was because the dirty security man insisted that it was late and refused to open the gate for us to access the hospital in the next street. After much plea that we’re carrying a dying new born, this guy refused until I came down from the vehicle to change it for him before he opened the gate. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it to the hospital. The next day, I went to look for him with the aim of breaking his head with stone. But my friends stopped me.”

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