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A Nigerian man has cancelled his proposed wedding after his fiancee insists on having an extravagant wedding that will cost N17 million.

The man, who shared his story anonymously with self-styled relationship counselor, Wizarab, revealed that he got engaged to his lover on Valentine’s day and planned to marry her between September to December, with a N6 million wedding budget.

His fiancée, on the other hand, insists on an extravagant wedding that would be covered by the biggest wedding blog in Nigeria. According to him, her suggested wedding gown alone costs about N800,000, and the total wedding cost is around N17 million.

He stated that he cannot afford to spend so much on his wedding alone and gave his fiancée the option of paying the remaining N11m or canceling the wedding. However, she maintained her stance, and he has now made the hard decision to call off the wedding.

The man wrote,

“I engaged my girl on Feb. 14 and now we are planning for the wedding for sept/dec the problem now is that my budget is N6m she is saying it is too small while her own budget is about N17m I don’t have a problem with that if she is going to balance it up. She says it is my responsibility or else the wedding is off.

She wants a glamorous wedding like those bella naija types. Only the wedding gown is about N820k, she is trying to gaslight me saying she knows I have the capacity I am just being stingy. And I have told her I am not going above my budget cause my 2nd house is still under construction and business is going smooth as before.

Well, I told her if she doesn’t comply or balance it up I am calling off the wedding. Am I overreacting? Imagine me spending close to N20m just to marry. That’s my 3 months income. This is somebody I bought a corolla for o.”

In a follow-up post, the man wrote,

“Bro Tanx for d advice about the N17m+ wedding. I have called it off and my dad supports me saying he stands with any decision I take, her family has been calling me to resolve issues but I am nt taking their calls. Am on my way now to Singapore 2 cool off just need to clear my head. tins will b fine”

See his post below,

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