A Nigerian man, Mofesola Babalola, has bagged a first-class degree in computer science from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Babalola, who celebrated his win on social media, revealed that this comes ten years after he graduated with a third-class degree from a Nigerian university.

Babalola graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in 2012 with a third-class degree in electronics and electrical engineering.

He shared photos from his graduation from both universities, as well as his different degree certificates, and wrote,

“Yesterday, 10 years after finishing with a third class from OAU, I graduated from @UniofHerts with a first class in Computer Science. What did they say about what God cannot do again?

I’d have loved to tag OAU too so they can say their own congratulations. Not sure if they’re on twitter, but if you know their handle, help me tag them. Pastor said this year, my enemies must congratulate me.”

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Inyene Dominic Akpan has been called to Bar despite all the hurdles he overcame to get there.

He took to Facebook to share about all the hardships he experienced in life without giving up to achieve such a feat.

According to Inyene, he lost his mother at the age of four, and afterward lost his dad at five, when he turned ten years old, he also lost his right arm.

However, none of the loss he experienced prevented Inyene from pursuing his dreams till he succeeded.


  1. Nigeria university ….make their own children looks handicap after all the efforts they make reading and studying all night and day…. They stress ur life, time, temper with destiny… And they find pleasure in all that…. Life is not had as the OAU think it is or other universities… I celebrate u bro. Senior colleague

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