Adeola dumbfounded

Nigerian influencer and businesswoman, Adeola a.k.a Diiadem, has called out the audacity of her ex-boyfriend who requested for a loan of N3 million to buy a car.

Taking to her Snapchat to recount the incident, Adeola said her relationship with the young man ended nine years ago but he still calls occasionally to check up on her.

According to her, last Sunday, he called her in the wee hours of the day to beg for N3 million to purchase a car. She said she was angry at him for wanting a loan to buy a car of all things, and turned him down.

Adeola dumbfounded

She was however taken by surprise when days later, she discovered that he had bought the car and it was not for himself but his girlfriend.

Adeola wrote,

“So an ex called me on sunday morning at exactly 6:30am, I mean he literally woke me up from my sleep!
First, I don’t have his number saved so I didn’t have an idea who was calling, I just picked with my sleepy eyes and responded who is this? He mentioned his name and I was like are you okay?
He said “Deola please I need a loan of 3m to add to some money I have with me to buy a car I like” i was pissed like you called me to loan money to buy a car ??? this is someone we broke up over 9yrs ago

Adeola dumbfounded

Okay you call me once in a while to check up, does that give you the right to call me at that time asking me for money to buy a car ? Me I no sabi drive new car? I just quietly declined and kept on wondering..

Are you playing !!???
Because the AUDACITY to call me at that time !!!
Now the funniest thing of all time just happened !!
Chai I don suffer for this life sha.

Okay he sha don finally buy the car 000o and guess what ??? Not for himself but his babe !!!!
Some men are what again ????? SCUM, SCUMMER, SCUMMEST! If there’s any word like that, well thank your stars that I didn’t loan you a kobo because !!!!

Bro you gon vomit that money right this minute

He even asked me for money on a day I was going to hustle for my own hard earned money !! You’re crazy For real.”

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