A viral video has captured the dramatic moment an elderly Nigerian man lost his cool after his greeting was snubbed by a fellow Nigerian in Ireland.

In the video, the man is seen angrily confronting the Nigerian for refusing to respond to his greeting.

While berating the man for not responding to a simple greeting, the enraged man explained how he had previously greeted about 4-5 black people and none of them had responded.

He went on to ask about the man’s nationality, and interestingly, it turned out he’s also from Nigeria.

This seemed to further enrage the elderly man, as he wondered why a Nigerian would snub his countryman’s greeting.

Upon finding out where the young man is from, he also demanded to know what part of Nigeria he’s from.

“I was passing. I was joking with you as a black brother. Because I greet more than 4, 5 black people & they don’t answer me. Are you one of them who don’t answer me? Who are you from? I wanna know”, he said.

Watch video below,

The video, however, elicited mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media. See some comments below,

@mc_daprince, “But honestly some Nigerians can be so du*b especially when they escape Libya 🇱🇾 to cross , you will see your brother and greet him , they way he will look at you and snub you ehn , olomaje”.

@abenababbyie, “He thinks he’s in his country where you greet everyone . In Europe folk mind their business ! Uncle learn the culture and know peace ✌🏾”.

@steve_chuks_1960, “Abroad life na OYO… me and you no enter flight come we only meet here 😂😂”.

@godofjusticeloveandpeace, “Oga they don’t greet anyhow in this Country ooo. Na mind your business all of us dey!!”

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