Woman calls

A woman has publicly disgraced her husband for impregnating another woman after she sponsored his visa to the United Kingdom (UK).

A video shared online shows the woman confronting her husband, whom she identified as Desmond, in a hospital after she discovered that he was expecting a child with another woman.

She accused him of using her to obtain a visa to the UK and then impregnating his side chick when his visa was about to expire in order to secure a foothold in the country.

Woman calls

Turning to his pregnant mistress, the enraged woman asked if she didn’t know her lover is still married to her.

Amid the drama, the man continued walking away with his mistress, and simply told his wife to stop embarrassing herself in public. He however didn’t deny the allegations.

The aggrieved wife further demanded that he formally divorce her before starting a new life with someone else.

Watch the heartrending videos below,

In other news, a South African musician known as Zukiswa Joyi, has expressed pride and satisfaction in herself for preserving her virginity before and after Valentine’s Day.

The 33-year-old devout Christian shared in a post on her Facebook page that it is possible for one to remain chaste during the February 14th celebration when temptation is high and anybody who says otherwise is a liar. Read here

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