Nigerian man disappointed

A Nigerian man partook in a social experiment to test if his bestfriend is loyal to him but he failed woefully.

The plan was to use his girlfriend to test if his bestfriend would have his back and protect his relationship but the outcome caught him by surprise.

Nigerian man disappointed

In the trending video, the man who was simply identified as Afo, had bragged about trusting his friend 100 percent, and that he would never disappoint him by falling for the prank.

As planned, his girlfriend placed a call to his bestfriend and told him that she has had feelings for him for a while but couldn’t say anything because of her boyfriend.

Initially, the said bestfriend was skeptical about her revelation but eventually admitted that he has also had eyes for her.

He further agreed to hangout with his friend’s girlfriend and to make matters worse, stated that he is already thinking of kissing her.

Afo who was listening the whole time, was extremely disappointed by his friend’s betrayal and stormed out of the scene.

Watch the viral video below,


  1. It was not a social experiment and he didn’t test his best friend…… watch the full video and tag the respective content creators……. Na wa oooooo

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