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A man who saw it pleasing to kiss his daughter with all seriousness (even closing his eyes in the process as a sign of ecstasy) was recently a topic of discussion online.

Some online users are saying this act is very bad and could lead to other things while others are arguing that it’s the intention of the man that matters.

Anyway, the main question now is, is it possible for a man to kiss his daughter almost the same way he kisses his wife without feeling anything?

Several commenters believe the man in question could graduate into having a romantic feeling for his daughter which is the foundation for several cases of sexual abuse across the world.

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  1. Always turning harmless things into another thing and we wonder what is wrong with the world? What is wrong in kissing his daughter? She sees it as nothing and then aunty and brother “oversabi” will change it

  2. Dirty tin…. From kissing passionately 2 touching passionately… Na here 4 my bedroom i go dey with my phone yabaleft go carry d news.. Dis man arrested 4 raping his daughter… Smh! Ok contnue in(patience Jonathan’s voice)…

  3. People just do things with Lil children because they are lil children and post it on social media. Nothing wrong with a peck on the lips its your kid but what the shiit is this? That man might even have adult disease in is mouth. It could be staff, herpes, etc and now he passes his saliva to this innocent lil girl this is just wrong.

  4. That will only happen when you don’t have control over your body……what make us different from animals is our ability to control ourselves….if you can’t, then there is no difference btw you and them

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