A Nigerian man has scolded some men who ignore ladies who tell them they are hungry but are quick to send them transport fare when they want them to visit.

Sharing on his TikTok page @Efetomarhe he revealed that the men who perpetrate these acts are stingy and should be kept aside.

He also added that the same men are quick to come online to cry foul play, forgetting that they are not saints too.

The clip captured him saying;

“A girl will tell you she is hungry, you will ignore the message but if she tells you she wants to come and visit you, you will send her transport fare immediately. When she refuses to come and spends the transport fare you sent to her on something else you would cry foul play and be saying all girls are the same. All girls are not the same you are the one who is stingy. [sic]”

His opinion which has now gone viral on some social media platforms has generated different reactions from internet users.

Below are some of the comments,

@emeka_:  Na him be the hungry girl abi wetin? Why e come dey carry their anger for head?

@lammie_artt:  Brotherhood won’t be proud of this o you don break bro CODE

@positivebondship:  A guy will always support his main babe if she’s hungry know your position and stop telling any guy you meet that you’re hungry.

@misschidel:  God bless you bros. You deserve a pepper turkey with chilled pepsi 

Watch the video below;

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