A Nigerian man revealed the shocking way his “girlfriend” informed him and her other ‘boyfriends,’ that she was getting married.

According to the man, his said girlfriend added him to a group which had her other boyfriends and broke the news to them by telling them they “were the ones she didn’t want”.

The man shared in a tweet via his handle,

In 2017 I dated this girl for a year. One night she added me to a random WhatsApp group & said “all of you are the guys I didnt want & its over because I’m getting married next weekend.” She immediately exited & left us getting to know each other.”

In other news, a South African model, Masango Sisanda, has taken to twitter to explain how she broke up with her boyfriend who refused to pick her up from the airport because he was busy working while one of her “persistent persuaders” came to pick her without thinking twice.

Masango believed that her boyfriend not coming to pick her when she requested meant that he no longer cared for her and it was time to call the relationship quits.

Her story reads,

“Asked my boyfriend to pick me up from the airport, he said he would be busy with work(works from home). So I asked a persistent persuader and he said, “sure I can take a few minutes of work to pick you up and drop you off.” My boyfriend is my ex now.
Vele bengim’cuphile. He didn’t love me anymore but wanted me around so he’d bread crumb me just about enough to keep me attached.
Can I also mention that I was coming from my grandad’s funeral and he’d done/said nothing to comfort me all week and I called him a day before to ask him to pick me up. I didn’t just get to the airport and demanded that he fetch me”

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