A Kenyan socialite identified as Shakilla has revealed her reason for favoring dating Nigerian men over their Kenyan counterparts.

The controversial socialite was asked about her acquaintance with a Nigerian named Black Boy during an interview with the media outlet “SPM Buzzke.”

Shakilla admitted that the Nigerian man is a gentleman, which is why she enjoys being around him. She went on to say that she finds Nigerian guys to be more attractive than Kenyan men and that they are passionate.

Shakilla continued, saying that Kenyan guys are unkind, look similar, and aren’t strong in bed. The socialite also criticized her guys for being overly frugal with their financial commitments to their wives. She stressed that Nigerian guys lasted in bed longer.

Watch the video below.

In other news, Shakila has shared insights into her extensive tattoo collection and the unique significance behind them.

In a candid YouTube interview, the controversial influencer revealed a rather unconventional tradition. She explained that she has a total of 19 tattoos, with a surprising twist: 11 of these tattoos are dedicated to her ex-boyfriends, particularly after they have passed away.

Shakila stated,

“I have 19 tattoos in total, 11 are of my ex, I got my first tattoo immediately when my ex-boyfriend died. The most inspiring tattoo I have is of my best friend’s face. I tattoo my ex-boyfriends when they die.”

In a more candid revelation, Shakila admitted to losing track of her sexual partners, asserting that attempting to tally them would be a daunting task for her sanity.

In her words ; “I don’t know my body count, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad, but I don’t remember honestly.”

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