A Nigerian mum has shared how she made her 9-year-old son pitch his business proposal, after he asked her for money to start a business.

According to the woman, identified as Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie, after her little boy asked her for money to start a business, she insisted he drafted a proposal and pitched it to her.

Recounting how she taught her little son an important business skill, she noted that her son, Edward Okojie, approached her with his idea and a plea for investment to start a bakery business. Rather than giving him the money, she made him draft a proposal and presented his idea.

Surprisingly , Edward quickly got to work, baked some sample cookies, drafted his proposal after watching tutorials on YouTube, then got into formal clothes for his presentation with his dad and mum as prospective investors.

Well, the presentation went well and his mother revealed she gave him $1,000 as the first round of investments for his business.

See her post below,

See more photos from his presentation,

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