A Nigerian pastor has encouraged young men to pursue love and marriage irrespective of their current financial situation as “God will make a way”

The pastor, Sam Odeg shared images of him and his wife when they were at their lowest and where they were now in life. He encourages young men to pursue whom they love, stating that one way or the other things would work out.

While celebrating their wedding anniversary, he shared his story and also images of his spouse both before and after their wedding.

Narrating his story, he wrote;

“These pictures were taken on Friday, 16th September, 2022 in my one room as a bachelor. That place she sat was my bed too.

And all that you see there were the only properties I had. Thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST

She was making our wedding lists there. We kept cancelling out things that had high prices and replacing them with cheaper ones.

We had planned to get married on 10th December 2022 that same year. But it didn’t work out because of financial constraints. So we postponed it.

We refixed the date to be on Monday 10th April, 2023 the next year. It still didn’t work out because of finances again. We shifted it yet again.

Finally, by faith, with lots of doubts and fears oh, we fixed it to be on Monday 10th July 2023. And GOD did it for us.

We already decided that whichever year and month our wedding would hold, it would be on the 10th of any month we would choose. GOD did it for us.

Just like yesterday, we will be ONE YEAR tomorrow!

Thus far hath the LORD brought us! Kai!


We have vows never to share in Your GLORY. NEVER LORD! NEVER! 

I don’t know who this is for, if you’re planning your wedding and the money isn’t enough yet, please postpone it. Don’t be ashamed to shift it to a later time. Certainly one day, it will happen and you’ll return all glory to GOD ALMIGHTY

Don’t let anyone pressurize you. Just trust GOD. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your 10 years in marriage in good health, love, joy and prosperity. Yes! 

Saints, please join us and lift up your hands let’s give GOD quality thanks for the great things He has done and for the greater things He will do. FATHER thank YOU!”


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