A basic Post on X (formerly known as Twitter) got people talking on the ethos surrounding the art of giving.

A Nigerian man on the platform with the handle @daveyhert, took to his page to tell the short story of how he decided not to gift a Laptop to someone simply because he became abreast with the knowledge that the person is a proud owner of an iphone 11.

His Post reads ;

“Sadly, I wanted to give a laptop to someone but went to their page and found they owned an iPhone 11. It may seem petty but I believe you’re doing just fine and you’ll eventually figure things out for yourself. Let it go to someone else who is in a more desperate position,” he on Saturday, September 9.

“P.S. it’s okay to disagree with my decision or think it unfair. It was my call to make, and I had to eliminate as many people as I could to pick one. Doesn’t mean the others don’t deserve it… I had a judgement call to make based on the available superficial info, and I made it.”

His post generated opposing comments on the micro-blogging platform with some section supporting his action while others berated him due to the fact that a person’s mobile device does not neccesarily tell the financial situation that person might be going through.

What do you think?

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