The 56 year old Senator, Danjuma Laah who represents the Kaduna South senatorial zone, was caught on camera sleeping during a plenary session.

*SMH* Body no be firewood eh?! Tsk Tsk Tsk



  1. For him mind now him don attend plenary session be that and at the end of the day he will receive millions for being present and sleeping without contributing anything; buh wat do u expect he already knew the outcome of the session that its only the Eyes that ll have it!

  2. Sleeping is a natural phenomena, no matter your position, you cant escape it when it catches you. Whether he is present or absent his due allowances must enter his account. Thank God he didn’t exchange blow with person there

  3. Why won’t he sleeps, when i guess they are not sharing money that day. Cos if it is a day that they are going to take briefcase or ghana must go home, i’m deadly sure that he will sit firmly with his 2 eyes opened to watch as things go be.

  4. He has to sleep because even if he’s awake with his eyes opened, his brain continues to sleep,after eating all types of food without exercises what do u expect of him,sleep on jare,old man, lol

  5. After d end of d month millions of naira dey pay in2 his acct but d civil servant dat works morning till Night dey pay chicken change 2 dem. As a graduate in civil service ur expected 2 start from level 8 or 9 if lucky and u earn less Dan 80k as ur monthly salary. So tell me is d corruption not from dem d head. In dis recession if d president is sensible he wld av reduced d salary of himself and d senate

  6. That’s only what dey know how to . after all na Sidon I dey Sidon u a say make i come represent una . so dis time around I say make i add sleep to d Sidon.. Finally weitin una go get na snouring.. .

  7. U see what I am saying.Please let’s these old politicians allows the youths to take over Mantle of leadership in this country. Let them stop deceiving by saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. We should be the leaders of today not tomorrow ooo, habaaaa

  8. Why will he not sleep? He’s been blown by 200thousand power AC both home and at assembly and you said he won’t sleep. Our national resources is breathing and increasing in his account without any serious labour. But people like them will make serious policies to sack and jail a policeman who ran for his life at point whereas he’s having toy gun, they’ll blame Teacher who has talked and is dying of hunger because of unpaid salaries and benefits, they’ll sit there while our gallant soldiers are being killed by the boko boys and the oil agberos. That’s Nigeria for you.


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