A Nigerian woman is currently devastated after her ‘unclad pictures’ were leaked on social media recently.

According to multiple reports, the woman allegedly sent the ‘indecent photos’ showing her face to a total stranger she just met on Facebook. Days later, the stranger decided to use the picture to blackmail her, all to no avail. Seeing that the blackmailer couldn’t get what they wanted, the pictures were leaked online.

Human rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, who shared the picture – warned ladies about sending their nude pictures to male partners.

He wrote;

Seeing your excessive reactions about a woman that gave out nude pictures, I did not want to inform you about another woman that did worse. This one is more stupid because her face showed. She showed her everything and now she feels like dying when her picture goes viral.

By the time she came to us, the blackmailer had distributed her nude pictures. It is harder for us to intervene if the picture has been released. But we will still take steps to punish the man that did it. That will be a gradual process. We rush only when there is a chance of preventing it.

It is really unfortunate that a woman would send her nude pictures to someone she does not know, a total stranger she met on Facebook. It makes no sense.

But I have a problem with most of our members. What the women did is an act of stupidity. It is not a crime. The real criminals are the men. Why do you condemn stupidity more than you condemn criminality? Why?



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