Nigerian woman shares

A Nigerian woman has shared the physical transformation of a young girl she employed as a domestic staff one year ago.

In a video posted on TikTok, the woman, identified as @nkem__xx, shared a picture that shows how slim and pale the little girl looked when she was newly employed as a house help.

She then shared a recent video of the young girl filmed one year after she moved in with her and she has added a lot of weight and look healthier than when she started living with her.

Watch the video below…

The video has stirred mixed reactions on the internet as some people praise the woman for being a good employer to her househelp, while others expressed displeasure at the video and kicked against child labour.

See how some reacted,

Media personality, Laura Ikeji wrote, “She employed a child as a help? 🧐☹️😣”

@tolugeorge1 wrote, “Say no to child labour tho 🙂”

@esty_rae wrote, “Na only Nigeria person go dy show off small pikin as her house help Una go dy praise am because e dy feed am well, e no go take care of am before, she’s working for it 🙄”

@lady_jahdora wrote, “You people saying she is a minor, so they should leave the girl in her village where she will definitely not make anything good with her life and not being taken care of abi , you can’t appreciate the growth you are seeing, she is probably in school now. Because she was called help does not mean she is a slave or suffering, you can clearly see the difference, she is even smiling. The girl will prefer to be a help than go back to where is is coming from”

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