A graduate who was working as a teacher in Nigeria before she moved abroad to become a cleaner has revealed what influenced her decision.

The young lady, in a viral video addressing those who tackle Nigerians who travel abroad to do menial jobs said one of the best decisions she’s made was moving to Libya to work as a cleaner despite being a graduate.

According to her, while she worked as a teacher in a school in Nigeria, she would have to teach JSS 1 to SS3, coupled with the stress of having to write lesson notes for all the classes, and to make matters worse, she was paid a meagre sum of N25,000 as salary.

She said that since moving to Libya, she now earns N100,000 monthly as a cleaner and has access to free Wi-Fi, breakfast and lunch, which is way better than slaving away in the name of a noble profession in Nigeria.

“To hell with the certificate that can’t serve its purpose. I am educated, I use to work as an English teacher, I got paid N25,000 because I’m offering a general subject… Do you know how tiring that is?…. Do you know how many lesson notes I am going to be writing before the end of the month?” she said in part.

Watch her speak below,

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