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Nigerians attack Minister of Defense, Bashir Magashi, for telling them not to be cowards and stand up against bandits

Posted by on February 18, 2021

The Minister of Defense, Bashir Magashi, is currently under fire on social media for telling Nigerians to stop being cowards and stand up against bandits.

Nigerians attack

Magashi made this statement at the National Assembly on Wednesday, February 17, while reacting to the abduction of staff and students of Government Science College in Niger state.

In his words,

“Is it (security issue) the responsibility of the military alone? We shouldn’t be cowards. It is the responsibility of everybody to be alert and ensure safety when necessary. We shouldn’t be cowards. Sometimes bandits come with about three rounds of ammunition and when they fire shots everybody will run. In our younger days, we stand to fight any form of aggression.

Why should people run away from minor, minor aggressions?

We should stand and face them. If these people know that the people have the competence and capability to defend themselves, they will run away”

Watch the video below,

Minister of Defence : Don’t be a coward, stay and fight the bandits pic.twitter.com/Dx2St8DEAj

— Terry Ikumi (@terryikumi) February 17, 2021

Nigerians were triggered by his statement and have taken to social media to express shock at the minister’s stance on the issue of banditry.

Some opined that the defence minister’s statement has shown that he is incompetent and unable to perform his duty. Others stated that it is wrong for the minister to ask unarmed citizens to face bandits armed with AK-47 and other ammunitions.

See some of the comments below,

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  1. here i stand Bandit|| Our minister has finally gave us courage to stand for what we are..

    parade we remove hairdresser to OUR Minister of Defense;

    by husbandman on Feb 19, 2021 at 8:06 am

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