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I was having my lunch in a restaurant in Accra this afternoon, when A friend started a discussion of what some of our female Nigerian students in Ghana have turned themselves into.

I could not agree more. While the parents spend lots of money to ensure their daughters are comfortable and graduate with flying colours, their children have a different agenda.

There was this particular case of a young girl whose mother rented a 2-bedroom flat for her in Accra. My friend, said news just got to him this week, that this student slept with 5(five) guys at the same time and was still begging for more. She is always high on hard drugs. And, the mother, back in Nigeria will be boasting of her daughter, who is studying in Ghana. Oh, so pathetic.

Sadly to say, many of these young girls have become international prostitutes and seriously hooked on drugs. I mean what I am saying. And many people in Accra can bear me witness.

Some of the mushroom universities attended by the students lack hostel facilities and the students are forced to rent accomodation thereby according them too much privacy which they are not matured enough to handle.

This issues also involves our boys. Some have become drug addicts, school dropouts and they still collect school fees from their parents.

Parents need to pay regular unexpected visit to their children and monitor them via phone calls at odd hours to find out where they are and what they are up to. If you a parent, you must never cease to pray for your children. And, if you are not sure of child’s behaviour, keep him or her close to you.

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  1. Very stupid & senseless post…
    I’m a Nigerian & I’m schooling here in GH!!
    Anybody that wanna waste his or her life will..
    & the ones who wanna live a decent & drugs free life like myself will..

    Don’t generalise it.

    Thank you.

  2. The writer is not wrong,i am a Nigerian and also live in Ghana 50 percent of our girls schooling abroad are into prostitution not only in Ghana and every one of you saying is a lie knows about it because you are living with some of them there in Ghana.

  3. True .those who are saying it’s a lie should first of all mention the area they stayed in Accra before denying.Nigerians and some francophone girls dress anyhow in Accra what they can’t do in their homeland. In fact in my country Benin Republic Nigerians ladies are the responsible of how our sisters dress .nigerians ladies changed our sisters dress code .Nobody can deny .Nigerians ladies walk naked and feel free

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