Nigerians have joined hands together to condemn the actions of a lady, filming and making passes at a hotel cleaner.

The video that was shared on X (Twitter) captured the lady asking the male staff who came to clean her room if he can handle her.

She had earlier asked the room attendant to address her as love after he responded to her compliment about his appearance.

The young man who didn’t seem comfortable with the conversation and her camera could be seen moving around trying to avoid her.

Paying no attention to his reaction, she went on to ask him if he would like to come over to her house in his free time, promising to give him 50K if he did.

Reacting to the video many internet users started that her actions were way out of line and could be tagged sexual harassment.

Below are some of the reactions;

@Selfmadeceleb3:  If a guy did this to a female cleaner feminist and women worldwide will tag it sexual harassment or assault and ask for his arrest

@comediandaniboy:  This is harassment but cos it was done to a guy, it won’t matter to these people. Ok nau

@Akwaugonnaya:  The girl no get shame. Man is concentrated on his job and you want serve a Delilah just to distract him. Ifere eme mkpi!!

@lilyjoelily:  What kind of joke is this ?? This is sexual harassment on all levels. Allow the boy to do his job and go.

Watch the video below,

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