Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde is currently under fire on social media for saying she wouldn’t cook when she gets married.

The beautiful screen diva via Twitter revealed that she doesn’t enjoy cooking and would employ somebody to do the cooking when she’s married.

In series of Twitter thread, she wrote,

“Can I cook? YES… Do I enjoy cooking? NO.. Will I force myself to enjoy it? HELL NO… Will I marry someone who can or can not not cook? YES

Because we WILL EMPLOY SOMEONE TO DO IT!!!! And when cases come up that the chef is not available, I will do it temporarily.

“Not every time suffer head Olympics in the name of marital duty. Anyway, you people should do your marriage the way you want. Just don’t shove it down our throats.

If I prefer to watch Kdrama over cooking that’s my cup of tea and I will drink it with my husband 😭😂❤️
Fnks. Feel free to disagree with me. At the end of the day, I’m not the one you will marry.”

Well, her tweet was not well received by netizens who has taken to the platform to drag her to filth.

A Twitter user @iam_TK_b wrote, “Cooking is now suffer head. lol”.

@mharianah_badmus1 wrote, “Kuku say you no sabi cook”.

@ageless_virtues wrote,

“don’t worry, every lady says stuffs like this before they got married. Trust me, you will even KNEEL DOWN TO FEED HIM when you enter…the fear of loosing your husband will grip u sootey you’ll almost be worshipping him. Just pray God gives you A GOOD MAN…that’s d only prayer u need now!”

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