The Big Brother Naija reunion centered mainly on the male housemates today, and they had some issues up their sleeves they needed to trash.

One of this issue was the fact that Neo nominated Praise for eviction and when Praise’ name was asked to leave the house, Neo cried the loudest.

Praise said he didn’t understand why Neo nominated him the week he was evicted. He says he understood Nengi and Ozo nominating him because they said they wanted to eliminate a threat.

However, he couldn’t understand why Neo did that because, according to him, Neo had earlier told him to take care of Vee in the house if he (Neo) leaves for any reason.
Praise however adds that Neo told him that he thought he (Praise) was loved outside the house and would be saved.

Neo then gave a reason why he nominated Praise:

Neo said he couldn’t have nominated Vee, because he loves her. Another housemate up for eviction was Triky, and he wanted to give him a chance to still stay in the house. So he was left with Wathoni and Praise. He then decided to nominate Praise together with Wathoni, because he thought the housemates liked Praise and he might not be nominated.

“Let somebody else save Praise. I’ll save Trikytee,” he said.

However, his thought was wrong and Praise was evicted.

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