Comedian AY jokes

Last Night during the AY Live 2017 Easter show, “Kemen was the talk of the show”.. As some comedians talked about what Kemen did to TBoss on the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show.

Recall, Kemen was disqualified from the game for “touching” TBoss without her consent while she slept, an act described as “Sexual Molestation”.

During the Warri Again? show which was hosted by Helen Paul and Comedian AY.. The comedian described what happened between Kemen and TBoss as a normal thing and also noted that the only reason Nigerians are crucifying Kemen was because cameras were on, recording the shameful act. This caused outrage on social media, with even Rita Dominic condemning the jokes from AY and Helen Paul. See here.

The Issue of course, died down a bit.. until when AY stood by his words last night where he said: “I said something on Warri Again the other day, and we went viral.. Now, I’m going to say it again.. Una no know weytin be Kongi?” adding that: ““Please encourage this young man, that’s all I said. He no kill person! Make he come die? Even God sef forgive all of us”

The show was streamed live on HipTV. See part of the video below:

Immediately, Users on social media began to drag him to filth for defending such actions.

Some reactions:

Even before the whole Kemenization issue, Ay, Funke Akindele, Helen Paul EmmaOhMyGod during a stage play put TBoss on the spotlight after they mimicked what happened in the Big brother house, where she was unable to recite the National Anthem.. and even her outburst at Debie-Rise.

Video Below:

Tboss, who was present at the event along with other housemates, seemed not too bothered about the imitation of that moment.

Some reactions:


  1. Kemen was disqualified by big brother but that’s not enough for some people they want his head at all cost. OK oooo the very day kemen commit suicide I pity tboss and her family there will be no hiding place for them. The fame they so much desire will vanish because they will all be on the run ,to saved their lives from peoples wrath. I rest my case watching and waiting.

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