TBoss forgives Kemen

TBoss has finally spoken up since the whole Kemen Brouhaha started.

Recall it all started when he was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija Game for “touching” TBoss without her consent.

The whole matter had died down, of course.. Until AY Comedian joked about it at the Warri Again? concert..

It later died down after that… But he still brought it up again yesterday at the AY Live 2017.

TBoss in reaction to the whole issue has issued a statement via her Twitter account. She says she forgives Kemen as she never had feelings towards him, adding that she has no time to be angry with such people in her life:

“i forgive Kemen i have no had feelings towards him. i dont have time to be angry with such people in my life”

In another tweet, she admitted that Kemen really did do something to her, noting that it was no joke as a number of women get raped every day.

“what kemen did to me was no joke it was serious imagine the number of women that get raped. i am like cameras where all over the place.”

She concludes her statement by urging all #BossNation to put the Kemen issue to rest, and of course thanked them for standing up for her.

“Tboss nation aka bossnation lets put the kemen issue to rest. i thank you all for standing up for me i love you guys i mean it.”

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