Nigerians have called out a popular social media influencer Papaya Ex over a money-making scheme she set up, which cost 235k per person.

The influencer had shared on her social media pages that the class is free but people who join will eventually have to buy a kit.

According to Papaya, her class is mainly about how one can earn money with their phone from anywhere in the world.

Papaya had earlier stated that it would be a free class whereby she would be tutoring her audience one-on-one but they would have to buy a kit that includes a uniform, pen, writing materials, and more.

Given more insight about what the class entailed in a video, she said; “This is for people that don’t know what we are talking about, if you want to make money while inside your house with your phone from anywhere in the world with the help of papaya I am the one teaching you one on one you are not paying me a dime, that is why I said I am only taking few people. I am not forcing anybody to join my group because the group is free obviously you are going to buy a kit, it’s just like you’re going to school. You need to buy pen, paper and uniform you are going to get a kit that you would use to work.”

Her so-called money-making scheme has generated different reactions from Nigerians, as the majority saw it as a Ponzi scheme.

Watch the video below,

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