A Nigerian lady recently took to her social media page to narrate how she joined her Uber driver in prayers while on a trip and it has sparked a debate on micro-blogging website, Twitter.

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She tweeted ;

On my way home this evening, I noticed my Uber driver praying in tongues!

The excitement I felt in my heart ehn, I joined in and we prayed in tongues.

Turns out he was preparing for a prayer session, guessed who join the session as he drove?

What a night!

However, some social media users were of the opinion that it was ‘unprofessional conduct’ on the part of the driver.

See reactions below ;

Gideon wrote ;

I’m not a killjoy but that was super unprofessional of him.. if he wanted to pray he should have turned off his app and not pick up a request..

Or at least take permission to be sure I’m okay with him doing that..

It’s ok to praise his act; but we forget something: he’s at work

Femi wrote ;

All the comments on here praising unprofessional conduct. We truly are a religious lot but terrible people at heart and in our ways. The hypocrisy stinks. Imagine the guy was muttering incantations or offering a Duah under his breath…

Toyin wrote ;

My uncle did this in Texas. uber has banned him for life.

Drymoz wrote ;

After I join him in speaking the tongues, I will make a video of him so that at the end of the trip, i will give him 1 star and report him to uber for such nonsense.

Prince wrote ;

It is not ethical to pray in tongues while driving; the Bible says it can confuse the unbeliever (I Cor 14).

It is expected though, that more DUI drivers and traffic offenders will escape the “axe” than 1 praying driver.

Pls pray at home.



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