Nigeria singer, Peruzzi has advised the general public to ensure they vote for a candidate that would not kick against the music industry in Nigeria.

Taking to his Twitter page, he urged Nigerians to make the right decision in the upcoming election as there would be diverse consequences.

According to him, the wrong leaders would punish the people by every means possible and even do something as extreme as banning music in the country.

He wrote;

“After Elections Na Gbas Gbos Gbas Gbos Accordingly. Make Una No Go Vote Person Wey Go Ban Music. You Know Say These Niggas Crazy”

In other news, controversial Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa, also known as YBNL Princess, has revealed a vital lesson she learnt from her last relationship.

Taking to Twitter, the lesbian singer said she has learned to pay attention to how people speak about their ex-partners and themselves.

According to the 26-year-old traditionalist, if someone constantly speaks negatively about their exes and themselves, that means they would also treat you the same way.

Temmie tweeted,

“My last relationship really taught me to listen to the things a person says about their exes and the way they talk to themself, If all their exes deserve to die or burn and they’re mean to themself when they’re upset, their internal monologue is shit, they will project!”

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