Olaide Olabanji, A popular filmmaker in the Yoruba movie industry has labeled Notable actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry as an ungrateful fellow, revealing that he gave her a first role and practically made her whom she is today.

He told Encomium in an interview that of all the top names in the movie industry today he helped in the past, only Lola Alao has appreciated him like the only leper out of the 10 lepers that returned to thank Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.

“I can only vouch for one person who is no other than Lola Alao. If I help you today, I am not expecting you to pay me back because I believe that I must contribute to someone’s life.

“One thing I appreciate about her is that she doesn’t forget the fact that I made her; she always gives me the credit even when she receive awards. She buys things for me anytime she travels out of the country.

“Lola bought the shoe I wore on my wedding day in 2005 and this really makes me happy that she remembers her source,” Olabanji said in the interview.

He said further: “Mercy on her side was working with a company on the Island and she was living in the same compound with my brother at Gbagada, Lagos and fortunately for her, I saw in the compound; this was on a Sunday.

“She was coming from church and I walked up to her to know about her because her kids and my brother’s children always played together.

“I asked her if she can act and she said yes, but said she works on the Island. Two weeks later, I invited her to my location at Lekki during the shooting of ‘Sebi Eyan Ni’ and that was all. It is just that we humans are different. God just used me for Mercy.”



  1. Oh why such a beautiful and sexy young lady like you,your not ungrateful. ..l pray that ,may the good lord let your wishes come ture…


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