A South African fashion model has in a tweet on her Twitter page told Africans to normalize posting photos of deplorable places in Western countries just as the Westerners as well, come to Africa to take photos of underdeveloped places, and post on the internet.

To buttress her point, the user, @Sli_Buth shared photos of a quite impoverished Cañada Real which is just outside of Madrid, Spain places and wrote,

“Normalize posting these poor parts of Europe like they do with Africa. Cañada Real (just outside of Madrid), Spain.”

Here’s more photos she shared,


  1. Of course that’s the fact.
    Apart from “normalizing”,as she rightly said, it will make Africans to appreciate that all that glitters is not gold, as they say, hence reduce the unnecessary illegal emigration to Europe and America.

    Like in the case of Nigeria, Europeans are always fixated with Makoko, a place populated by poor natives and at least 80% foreigners but without good sanitation. Being an illegal habitat, government had done all within its power to regulate and maintain sanitation, all to no avail. Attempts to bulldoze the place and rebuild are often met with deadly resistance.

    As one who lives less than one kilometer from there, I have never visited the place due to its reputation as headquarters of cultists. A visitor will easily be identified because gangs there are always on the alert. Hence, not only that one must be adventurous, he will be made to part with money for protection by these gangs.

    Inspite of the fact that this obtains only here in Makoko, these traducers always make it seem as if the whole Lagos and Nigeria is Makoko.

    It’s not difficult to understand their motives but God pass them.

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