A Nigerian lady has sparked outrage with a controversial comment she made in a video she shared on social media.

The lady identified as Esther Nwachukwu in a video serving rounds online, boldly stated that she would have loved to sleep with her father but her love for her mum is restraining her.

Esther, an actress from Imo state said that she doesn’t want her mother to suffer from a heart attack that could lead to her death, as a result of her action, else she would have considered being intimate with her dad.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, she wrote, “If not for the love I have for my mother and I do not want my mother to die who is my father wey i no fit knack”.

As expected Nigerians and tons of moral police has trooped to the comment section to berate her for the nasty comment about her dad.

See some reactions below,

@mc_flash_comedian, “Try Get Respect for urself for once how Will you feel if ur Daughter do this type of video and you saw it as a mother??nor be everything person Dey use catch cruise 🙄”.

@thehybridsoja, “This is how low you really stopped just to trend, look at the level you’ve downgraded your father to , even your mother, imagine either of them sees this video, tueeeeeeeh, for the fame you’ve lost every decency you have left, just look that the nonsense you’re putting up. God have mercy on you”.

@pandemic_1906, “You no go get sense until 2030 the way I dy see you……you get mouth odor mumu you go just dy talk nonsense go knack am now make you dy share am with your mama”.

Watch video below,

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