Ibrahim Rufai a.k.a Deezell has sued his ex-lover and colleague, Maryam Booth for N10m after she accused him of recording and blackmailing her with her nude video which was leaked on social media few days ago.

Recall, Maryam said she was forced to release a statement after Deezell released a disclaimer, distancing himself from the leaked nude video.

She said;

“The recent statement from someone, in-person of Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai, popularly known as Deezell left me with no choice but to break the silence. As a woman, actress and role model I will not let this matter to be swept under the carpet.

“For the record, I want to categorically state that this same man (lbrahim Ahmad Rufai) has been, in multiple occasions threatened to leaked my video if I didn’t give him money.

“As a woman, actress, and role model, I have been trying to protect my dignity through possible means, but without my knowledge, the three-year-old video was leaked.”

Days after distancing himself from the leaked nude video, Deezell has also sued Maryam and 6 others whose pseudonyms were used as defendants. The actor sued his former girlfriend and 6 others for false accusation and defamation of character.

The lawsuit notice reads;

“Earlier this week, I issued two statements distancing myself from the outrageous malicious accusations leveled against me.

“On both occasions, I demanded immediate statement withdrawal and apology from the perpetrators. Since then, I have seen some posts and received messages where some publicly withdrew their allegations while several others refused to do so.

“Now after proper consultation with my United States attorneys along with my Nigerian lawyers, I have sued for criminal defamation, inciting public disturbance, criminal conspiracy insulting and abusive language, joint act, injuring of mind, voluntary and cyber-stalking, pursuant to the relevant provisions of the law.

“The court has ordered the Nigeria police force to investigate the full identities and report with details of the respondents, most particularly the 3rd-7th, while several other perpetrators not listed therein shall be joined as parties to the suit in due course. See you all in court. Officialdeezell.”

“WHEREOF, the Complainant is before this Honourable court to cause a criminal summons to be issued against the Defendants for the offences of Criminal Defamation, Inciting public disturbance, criminal conspiracy, insulting and abusive language, joint act, injury of mind, voluntary and cyberstalking contrary to sections 27, 32, 79, 96, 391 & 392 and 399 of the Penal Code laws of the Northern Nigeria 1963 and section 25(1) (a) (b) & (2) (a) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention Etc) Act 2015 and the Complainant to be compensated to the tune of the N10, 000, 000 (Ten Million Naira Only) by the Defendants jointly or severally.”

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