Nigerian reality star and proud mother, TBoss has laid a heavy curse on troll saying her child is ugly and she is not special after she shared a picture showing her face for the first time.

TBoss went live on her Instagram page after she read a comment from a troll saying her daughter is ugly and ‘unspecial’.

Tboss who is known to be very emotional, revealed that the comment hurt her deeply.

She added that birthing her daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to her and she also laid a curse on the troll that she would never carry her own child for causing her this much pain.

See video below ;

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  1. I don’t know why some you ladies take things personal,he or her said your duagther and inside you, you very well your baby cute and special so why are you lamenting, cursing you fellow human being on senseless issue,such curse does not work okay, believe it or not

  2. Your baby is beautiful, lovely and adorable, I love her cheeks, don’t listen to heater children are heritage from God and every child is super special.

  3. Some people self they wil put their problems aside nd face wht is not their business is gud dat tboss curse him or him haha na waooo

  4. Are you God? Can you boldly say you have not looked down on someone or say someone is ugly. Things like this happens on social media, but never take it to heart. That is his or her opinion not yours not God. Let God be the judge.

  5. Tboss u don’t need to cry whose ever say ur child is ugly let them go and have their own, a child is a gift from God, all children are special to God and to their parents ur child is the most beautiful thing God gave you be happy and take care of her to me she is a princess

  6. Why will a woman call another woman’s child ugly and not special thereby causing her so much pains like that. We should really watch what we say online, why d so much hate. What has d innocent baby done to deserve that, why didn’t u ignore instead of writing none sense for a mother to see and come to think of it d baby is so pretty, why d hate? Women!

  7. Tboss, you need to grow up. You are a mother. Get sense. Do you think if your daughter grow up to see this she will be proud of you. How can a fellow lady make you cry like a toddler. Mothers are the strongest emotional beings. Please grow up.

  8. Honestly people need to be mindful of their comment when it comes to people emotions,this was why they said beyonce daughter is ugly,for crying out loud,who is ugly,what is the meaning of ugly,who create this word ugly,and unspecial,who made this word know to the society and eoe using this word to hurt others. If you have a personal issue with a person why making them know you are jealous of them,why don’t you go and have yours. Whoever is the person that made such comment to Tboss daughter should go and apologise,or face the law of karma. For children are special Angels to God and God don’t spear people who hurt his creations. TBoss sweety don’t mind whoever that wrote that comment,they are only jealous of your Blessing,they know how Bless you are so just let it go. Your Angel is beautiful.?

  9. Wow is that idiot that utter such rubbish to someone child, a child that a mother carried with the pains and discomfort for 9 whole months and with the pains and 50/50 chances of surviving delivered the baby…truly youre not worthy to be called a parent and I pray and wish that you don’t become one… That baby is beautiful and everyone knows that…so it’s funny cos when I look at the pictures of the baby I saw a cute little adorable angel so if you have an issue with the mother talk to her directly don’t drag that cutie into it….

  10. Why on this earth will anyone talk bad about a beautiful angle, children are angels beautiful handsome or even ugly because some are praying, fasting spending so much money just to get that gift yet they don’t get it, my dear Tboss you are a very beautiful lovable person, I don’t want you to give anybody reasons to hot your heart, been a single mum is not a crime its only a way to make your baby no how had working you are so plzzzzx be at peace, I love you

  11. This reminds me of someone who called my first son, a rat when he was just few days old. It really hurt me, but today he’s 14 and so handsome and that person, is almost 50years without a child. Let’s think deep before we say anything…we can kill people with words even without knowing..

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