Nigerian OAP, Chinedu Ani, aka Nedu, has reacted to the reports that the police in Lagos seized two children from his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri, and gave to him.

According to Punch News, policemen attached to the state criminal investigation department (SCID) in Panti, Yaba seized two children from Ohiri amid the paternity controversy.

In a new statement on his IG page accompanied with specific details and proof, the comedian has refuted the claims, saying the decision to bring his kids back to him was a unanimous one and was in no way forceful.

According to him, his ex-wife had taken their children to Owerri without his consent and he had to pay for their flight back to Lagos since the decision had already been made that they return to Lagos.

He stated that his ex-wife was invited by the police because of a case of cyber-bullying and other grievances. He wrote,

I am sad that once again, I need to clear the air on what I consider a private matter. But for the sake of all the parties involved, it is pertinent that I do so.
Please let the following be clear to all journalists, blogs, news platforms, etc;

1. Contrary to the rumours being peddled around, I do take care of my children and will continue to as it is my duty.
2. Neither I nor the police forcefully took my kids away from my ex-wife. It was a unanimous agreement. Please feel free to read her handwritten statement and also see the bag with which she brought their clothes.

3. The children in question were taken to Owerri to live for over a month without my consent or permission. My ex-wife took that decision without consulting me… I paid for the flight for her to go and bring them back to Lagos after it was agreed by all parties that it was better they were returned to Lagos especially as they school in Lagos.

4. I am a person who believes in doing things the right way and so far on this matter, I have stayed within the provisions of the law. A case was filed against my ex-wife for cyber-bullying and other grievances. She was invited to respond and the matter is ongoing alongside custody resolution.

I am tired of the sensational manner in which this news is being dispersed.
I do not grant interviews or speak on the matter to the press.
I would advise my ex-wife and her cousins/sister to follow suit.
We are not dealing with inanimate objects here but living and breathing beings who will one day deal with the consequences of this fall-out.
I truly want to continue to focus on my career, my family and my life as I am not the first or the last man to have a failed marriage.

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