An on-air personality identified as Vee has expressed concern over the contaminated ingredients some restaurant owners use while preparing food for their customers.

In a series of tweets shared on the microblogging platform, Twitter, Vee disclosed that she went to a the store to blend tomatoes and pepper that she had purchased in bulk. but she was surprised to see a restaurant owner mixing rotting tomatoes and pepper to blend for sale.

She claimed that the shop owner had informed her that several restaurant owners had brought such items for her to blend.

She wrote;

“Bought tomatoes & pepper in bulk, stopped to grind them and I discovered something..

I can’t accuse all restaurant owners of doing same but apparently some of them buy all these rotten tomatoes, pepper & onions at ridiculously cheap prices. Then grind & mix with tin tomatoes

While I was there,a woman came with a bowl that has things that belonged to the dustbin

She instructed them to wash & grind

Immediately she left,the grinder kept saying
“una dey chop rubbish for restaurant sha”
“Na so them dey buy come keep for here”
“I no fit chop outside”

The other lady that was told to wash them, kept hissing and complaining in her native language

The remaining ones in the black bowl, was what she could salvage cos they were literally rotten

Why joke with what people eat?
Does it increase their profit margin?”

Watch the video below,

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