Chidera reacts

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke’s estranged wife, Chidera, has reacted to his recent post about single mothers who prevent their kids from seeing their fathers.

It was earlier reported that Gideon Okeke took to his Instastory to pen an open letter to women who deny their ex-husbands access to their kids after a divorce.

Chidera reacts

According to Gideon, who parted ways with his wife in October 2022 after four years of marriage, it was after his divorce that he realized that many women use their kids to punish their ex-husbands.

He wrote in part,

“Dear single Mother,
You didn’t pluck those kids from the trees.
You didn’t buy them off the shelves at
Shoprite. It took 2 of you, in love, to have the privilege of the legacy of Kids, in your life.
People go a whole lifetime without this blessings you have on your laps. They are a gift from God. Being an ONLY child myself…
I can tell U what women go through to find this gift… for free…by God’s grace.
Why you con Dey use this same gift take Dey punish another Man. Or so you thought you were punishing Him. But no! It’s the KIDS
Get out of the Way. You’re in the way of Your kids emotional balance. You’re in the way!”
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Moments after he shared the post, Chidera took to her Instastory to share a cryptic post that appears to be a reaction to her ex-husband.

Chidera reacts

She accused Gideon of playing the victim when he is largely at fault, adding that she has a lot to say about him but would rather be the bigger person and let it slide.

The mother of two wrote,

“If I start to talk! Hmmmmm..
There will be no holding back.
Because the millipede that was stomped on did not scream, but the foot that stomped on it keeps screaming “my foot, my foot”(it’s sweeter in Igbo sha, but, you get the gist lol).
But my people say that, “Adiro ibuo ayi ala”, so I’11 be the bigger person, as ALWAYS and keep living life”

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