The mother of Segun Wire, the little boy who became an Internet sensation years ago after a video where he said he wanted to become a “Yahoo Boy” when he grows up went viral, has tendered a public apology to singer Zlatan.

You will recall that after the video went viral, singer Zlatan expressed interest in him and promised to help him. True to his word, Zlatan took him in, became his manager, and featured him in one of his music videos.

Their relationship, however, was short-lived when Segun Wire’s family accused the singer of ripping him off.

A video of the singer Zlatan being attacked by hoodlums who were alleged to be related to Segun’s family also surfaced online at the time.

Following the incident, Zlatan withdrew his decision to help Segun and, in a series of interviews, said that he regretted helping the little boy.

In a recent development, Segun’s mother, in a trending video, has now apologized to Zlatan.

She admitted having wronged him and pleaded with him to forgive them. She said they are currently going through a difficult time and begged Zlatan to come to their aid.

“I know I’ve offended you, this suffering is too much, forgive me, forgive Segun. I beg you in God’s name. This suffering is too much”. She said in Yoruba.

Watch her speak below,

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