Ogechi Obi, the young journalist who claimed that she did most of the work for the BBC Sex For Grade documentary, while her senior colleague, Kiki Mordi is taking all the credit, has reportedly attempted suicide.

Ogechi in a series of Tweet recounts how she came up with the idea of the documentary, and pitched it to BBC and Kiki was then brought in to do the reporting.

According to Ogechi despite being the brain behind the Sex For Grade Documentary, Kiki Modi has been receiving all the accolades while she has not been recognized.

Her tweet reads,

I was a young and naive baby-journalist – 24 at the time. I was eager to please, not knowledgeable enough about the politics of these things and trusted that C wouldn’t use my exceptional skills and dumb me for someone he felt had a more sensational appeal.

“someone who played no extraordinary role to the whole thing. Take out the role I played and it would have fallen flat with no one giving it more than a two-seconds glance.

“God only knows what you did to make him give you such opportunity because I wouldn’t put a sexual relationship out of it, seeing as the cozied-up position I caught you two in at Alliance Francais that day was very suspect.

Anyway, it’s your time, so enjoy. Honestly, my anger is with him not you. He used me, not YOU. If I were in your shoes, I would be an opportunist too.

“So get your bag sis! And I’m sorry for all the heat you got, it wasn’t your fault. We good but if you send me links to any more of your latest works and awards, I go change am for you. Dey your dey and we good! As for the raving dog, ignore. She’ll find her next victim soon.

“So, here’s me chopping my L and moving on, never to speak of it again. If this is how God wants it then so be it.
I rid myself of every hurt, every anger, every bitterness, every pain and opening my arms to receive better and more fulfilling opportunities where I’ll be valued.

“Anyway, seeing as journalism is not really for me, what’s the easiest skill I can learn in tech and how long will it take for me to master it? Or is it rather late for me to switch to tech, seeing as I am not a spring chicken? Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat. If you can hook me up to where I can learn it or.

“pay for me to learn it (I’m a poor journalist, not ashamed to ask for help), I’ll really like that”.

However, days after her tweet recounting her experience, yesterday, December 14th, Ogechi shared a video of herself crying profusely and captioned the video,

“Started reading newspapers as a pretend news anchor when I was just a little girl. All I wanted to do with my life was to be the next Christiane Amanpour or Anas Aremeyaw. Forgive me some day but it’s better this way.”

Following the tweet, Twitter users revealed that she consumed a poisonous substance, and was later rushed to the hospital where is she’s now receiving treatment.

A Twitter user @Ngozi Clara, wrote,

“Journalist Oge Obi @ogeobi_ reportedly consumes two bottles of sniper after dropping a video saying, I’m sorry for what I’m about to do. I’m just so tired.”

“She claims to be the brain behind #SexforGrades documentary and accused Kiki Mordi of taking credit for her work”.

Below is the video she posted, hinting at committing suicide.

See her tweets below,

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