Nigerian singer Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, better known as Oladips, has expressed dissatisfaction at the fact that many still doubt his assertion that he died and rose from the dead.

Oladips addressed the “death hoax” and stressed that, in contrast to common belief, he truly died in a recent interview with Hip TV.

Recall that while many believed Oladips had died, it was subsequently confirmed that he was still alive after initial reports of his death from last year.

He acknowledged in the interview that he had a near-death experience, but when he talks about it, people still look at him in doubt.

He said:

“I came back to life to see all the chaos and disbelief. But what can I do? What has happened has happened. How many people can I sit with and explain to?

Because, obviously, a lot of people still think my death is a prank. Every time I tried to explain that it was a near-death experience and not a prank, people always show disbelief. But those who are close to me know that I died and resurrected.”

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