Nigerian actress, Sarah Martins has taken to her Instagram page to criticize film producer, Adanma Luke for the negligence on the set that resulted in the death of Junior Pope.

Recall that Junior Pope posted a video on social media and captioned it saying he was crossing the Niger River without a life jacket to get to the movie set.

Netizens took offence at this and blasted the producer for enabling such reckless behavior from the crew and actors, which led to more people being lost at sea in the mishap.

AGN suspends

Sarah Martins also vented her frustrations over Adanma Luke on social media.

She claims that the avoidable catastrophe occurred because Adanma failed to supply the staff and cast with essential amenities like life jackets.

She wrote;

“Finally we lost him!
Very nonsense low budget movie trying to raise local standards without providing the necessary amenities!
Now we’ve lost a star, a father, a son, a brother, a husband and innocent crew members hustling to feed their families!
Adanma Luck you do this one!”

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