A young girl has made a shocking revelation on a Facebook group page about how she posses spiritual powers that absorbs a man destiny and blessings after sleeping with her.

She revealed that every success and destiny of any man she sleeps with becomes hers, and the victim would remain wretched forever.

The lady with the Facebook name “Queen lisa lisa” said this, perhaps to sounds a note of warning to every guy out there to be wary of her sexiness as she could ruin one’s destiny.

She said ;

Once i sleep with a guy, his destiny and success becomes mine, and he’ll be wretched for the rest of his life ✌✌ Temple queen.


  1. Very funny, who is she God? Abeg, let her get out. The Destiny of a man is in His own hands and nothing can take that away from the man except the man chooses to believe so. She has only slept with men without vision and the fear of God, that’s why she can say this. Plus, if that’s true, why is she still so poor and wearing all those poor clothes?

    • As a man with vision and fear of God, go and sleep with her then u see things for yourself. That is how guys will be committing fornication up and down in the name of boyfriend/girlfriend. Did bible encourage immorality? Kindly sleep with her and see where ur vision will be.

  2. Hello my friends, don’t take her confession as fake, there are fact of life, her private is a different kinds it is called..(Iya-Mapo)in my native language..such a lady belongs to speacialy endowed class of women,if you are not a Lion, you can’t Mate a Lioness.

  3. Sister go and sit down jawe,you’ve been sleeping with poor fellas go and sleep with
    ADENUGA….. and see maybe they’ll be wretched for life

  4. I have home stutbon men I need her to sleep with so that they can become poor all their life. Poor enough to humble their man hood

  5. Lol…just take a look at her…people’s destiny n u r still looking like a poverty striking citizen of wch eva country u are from…wat is she even trying to say..d truth is dat if what she opined is actually true…she won’t come up n start saying it…a beg take my number 08138932196…come blow me make u carry my destiny…

  6. Pls do not ignore her statement,it is the spiritual that controls physical, she is not one that is having the wealthy but someone she may not even know,controlled in the spiritual world,Eph, 6vs12-13

  7. You think you can scare us with those stories about spiritual stuffs and spiritism? Talk about something else. We dey beat spirits for my side oo. Open see if I no go enter.

  8. It may be true. The devil is really wicked. But my question is, considering the number of guys that ve slept with her, how successful is she now?

  9. Now listed guys she might be actually saying the truth and the worse part is that when you meet her in real life she wont look anything close look alike like what we are seeing here. She can really be an agent for the kingdom of darkness, a conduit pipe, once she is done with sleeping with fool, the mans destiny passes through her to the pool of the kingdom of darkness where satan redistributed. She might just be an agent, a conduit pipe.

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