An Instagram user, @vassolars, has taken to the platform to narrate how he met a physically challenged man identified as Chima who goes out everyday to source for his own means of livelihood instead of resorting to begging and depending on others to make ends meet.

According to him, Chima’s dedication to his job as a bus conductor despite having only one leg, caught his attention, adding that since there was little he could do, he got Chima a phone and a SIM card in order to enable well meaning Nigerians reach out to him.

He shared a short video clip of Chima and wrote:

“Guys, I entered a bus to Ikeja the other day and this conductor was hopping and working with one leg. No crutches. Still he chose not to beg but work. It got me thinking.

“Anyway, l told him I didn’t have much to give him but since he had no phone I will give him a phone and a sim and maybe just MAYBE someone will at least call him to commend him or even buy him crutches. His name is Chima and his phone number is 09068162688.”


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