A certain motivational speaker of thelambculture, Dr Olumide Emmanuel in an inspiring teaching shares the greatest regrets of his life when he was poor.

The first was getting married with no good source of income. He claimed he fell for the sweet words his wife had told him then, but he realizes women want you to make life better despite their love for you.

Dr Olumide confirmed his second greatest regret was having their first child while still poor. He however got tired of his situation and worked on his poor situation.

This motivational talk has geared many into working hard and being very comfortable financially before thinking of marriage.

Read some of the comments:

@kinetrix03: A man that gets married being poor has first done a disservice to himself . Ensure you are financially stable at least before you become two , you don’t need to be schooled on it.

@domingo_loso: Dear Men make m0ney at least where you’re comfortable to start a family, if you want to settle down. It is important

@eniola___sarah: He is actually making sense👏👏, don’t get married if you no really to guide. Just focus more on your growth and keep on hustling until you are ready and capable financially.

@henryttula_homes: What about poor ladies, should they wait until they are rich before getting married? Abi, why is it always about men?

See his video below,

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