Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has stated that nobody should fault reality star, Brighto for spilling more details about his escapade with Dorathy.

Brighto took to Twitter moments ago to reveal the the reason he avoided Dorathy the next day after he’d received a bl*w Job from her, the night before.

“She gave me a blow job, and the next morning I had a swollen D*ck, I gaz japa”, she tweeted.

While fans faulted him, emphasizing that the fact that he came to social media to reveal this shows that he has a disgusting character, the internet celebrity drums support for him.

According to Bobrisky, Brighto should not be fault but Dorathy who spoke about the intimate moment on national TV.

In his words,

“No one should blame this guy, please blame the other lady for not keeping her mouth shut.

“Even if the guy came out to talk first, as a mature lady you were meant to deny it and move on. But instead, she also Narrated how she had oral sex with him. These are the girls I want in the front seat. Many of them are just girls for gender sake they have zero class in them.”

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