A Nigerian lady has on her social media page, given her stance regarding the way most men love their women unconditionally.

According to the lady with the Twitter handle, @funshographix, it’s only men that can love a broke woman who doesn’t have some things like a car or a house to her name.

Funsho opined that men love women without expecting anything in return whereas a woman’s love for a man is conditional. In her tweet that’s gained traction on the social networking platform, Funsho stated that the only time a woman loves unconditionally is when it involves their children.

In her words,

”Only men can love a woman with no money. No house or No car. love a woman in return. Women can’t do that. A woman’s love comes with conditions.

You must have this & that. A man just wants peace. Only thing women love unconditionally is their kids.”

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