The Organizers of Miss Anambra Pageant, The Anambra broadcasting Service (ABS) has, after a long wait, finally broken the silence about the viral Lesbian Sex Video of its 2015 Winner, Miss Chidinma Okeke. Here’s what they have to say:

Compromizing Video: Miss Anambra Organizers Break Silence

In a Press statement signed by the management, they dissociated self from the video, See excerpts:

– Miss Anambra has handed over crown
– Miss Anambra Had Good Reputation while she was still queen
– The ABS Condemns the act

See Full Statement below:

“The attention of the management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, organisers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been drawn to a video with lurid contents purportedly showing former Miss Anambra, Miss Chidinma Okeke (Miss Anambra 2015).

We wish to make the following clarifications;

The said Miss Chidinma Okeke who is allegedly linked to the lurid content in circulation has served-out her term as Miss Anambra 2015 and handed over the crown in line with the terms and conditions of The Miss Anambra pageant.

We condemn in clear terms any amoral behaviour/ conduct as suggested by the alleged lurid content in circulation and do not condone such.

It is on record that The Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been a platform to empower Anambra women and celebrate our rich culture and heritage. Winners of the pageant are bound to contracts to be of good conduct and moral behaviour and to uphold/maintain the honour in their position as queen.

Winners of the pageant also contract to refrain from any personal relationship that could appear to hinder their ability to perform the duties of their office as queen and role model and we do not expect any less.

We therefore wish to dissociate The Miss Anambra pageant from any discussions on the said allegations.

We feel sufficiently perturbed by the mere reference already made to the pageant and hereby state that we are in no way connected to the controversy.

We apologize to the government and good people of Anambra state, our sponsors, supporters, friends and all those associated with the Miss Anambra project for the embarrassment the mere reference to the pageant in the controversy may have caused; whilst reassuring of the good intentions of the Miss Anambra pageant franchise.”



  1. If a girl dumped you because you don’t have money, my brother when you don make the money please forgive her, promise her marriage, tell her family that you want to renovate their house, remove their roof and disappear… Its called pay back time. Lmao! #DomeIdoyoumannorgovex

  2. Sometimes I wonder if some girls are brainwashed or something…even if you r involving ur self in such act. Must you record it..almost every time u see ur fellow women on the internet who had made the same mistake, u read stories and yet u still repeating the same mistake, who is to blame now for ur foolishness…. The media, the people who expose you or the devil who you think tempted u to commit the act…….
    The only people who m having pity for is ur poor family who never knew that real side of u. Because you have brought shame to them.

  3. To all those lesbians gul out there….. Pls get a real dick for crying out loud…. There are still some young guys who are willing to service u for free…. ND stop using cucumber it will do u no good….

  4. Dear Chidinma such is life, i know is a blackmail, even christ suffered same, tk it easy, do not think of d negative, God must surely judge name. it’s a hard lesson to learn, but trust me nothing do u, put urslf together, u r still 100 times berra than those who condemned u. Tk gd kia of urslf, cheers!

  5. Chidinma here chidinma there u pple should allow her rest ooooo. She has made a mistake but dat doesnt give them d rite 2 disregard z nw she nid u all most. Pls put her in prayers dat z d best u can do 4 her. Chidinma ride on. I was once in ur shoe bt i can boldly stand am far beta than those who blackmailed me. God has forgiven u. U all should pray 4 her. 4 d pple dat re doing dis 2 her may God help u bcos ur own will b worster than her own. Take heart dearie

  6. now everyone is dissociating themselves…first was the beauty whatever of Nigeria even calling for her to get arrested now the anambra beauty pageantry too…mehn this gurl is living in a freaking night mare….i feel for her so much i wish there was something i can do….

  7. The way people are criticising this lady is way too funny to me…is she the first?people keep talking like they don’t do shit in life shit they are not even proud of…it left for GOD to judge people with such unspeakable act it nt for fellow human who are sinners as well to condemn a fellow sinner ….whatever the consequences are she’s gonna face it on her own go why don’t u guys just get busy with sumtin else that just talking shit around …ya it bad but u all making it worst for her with ur condemn words will that make her learn??most people condemning her are far worst than her mtchewwww….I don’t give a fuck what u all say after this I don talk my own

  8. I guyz shld stop all dis Chidinma Okeke dis and dat… Is it bcos ur own sins hasn’t caught up wit u?? A sin is a sin… All of u condemning her re nt better than her in anyway.. She has her life to live and u ve urz to live.. If she wants to live her life dis way den Watz ur business?? Attend to ur own affairs and leave her to run hers… And remembere no one is holy.. if u re a liar den ur sin is equivalent to hers.. No sin is greater dan d oda.. So give her a break….

  9. Please you all should stop this pitting thing for chidimma abeg go watch the video before you pity her, see she was so so enjoying the bullshit with her lesbian friend, screaming and all. She can’t even afford a dido , showing her face and all. At first she claim it was Photoshop now is blackmail hahahaha she can’t even lie, she keep implicating her self.Let her ask for forgiveness and stop this bullshit story joo who she wan deceive sef??? Well now I know why cucumber is so so expensive. Less I forget I have the full video

  10. I kW she was forced..let analysis d vedio. First she was nt doing t properly, b4 a gun was pointed to her friend to collect d cocumber n force it into her.secondly.take a look at both as thy wr abt kissing…u will kW it was out of pressure… Thy can’t even kiss properly. Blc thy r nt true lesbians.thirdly..she refused to open her legs wide b4 the third party in that room used her hand to widen her legs so DAT thy can capture her pussy well..I wil quote t to u Nigerians that thy are more than 5 people in DAT room..n look at both galz face…where thy really enjoying t? NO…it was force art..n y didn’t the camera person shw his or her face…blc ideally he or she might b enjoying d art n wish to participate…. Pls study d vedio b4 condemning my case..

  11. if dis is tru, it is ut of ignoranc nd i pray our gud lord hav mercy on her soul.giv her grac to seek salvation in Jesus Name Amen. pls brethren let pray 4 her cus is nt our Father’s wish dat we perish. may d Lord bless u as u do so

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  13. like seriously, this girl needs her friends now than ever… I don’t know the truth but this could lead her to taking her own life… show her pity despite what she’s done… don’t condemn her Cox most of us do worst things than this… we talk Cox ours haven’t come in the open nd think of how u will feel if u were her

  14. U people should leave this poor girl alone. What has she done, that is new? Most of you u have saved the video on phone watching it over and over again. Enjoying the view free of charge. Ok she has done badly, church close!

  15. James Victor if a guy misbehave n dump his Gf dat suffer or advise his suddenly wealth den go for another or all because he hv made it n he nid classes ladies, den later cum back to beg,accept n let him open a big super market n boutique for u,on de traditional wedding tell ur people n his people dat de dream u had n ws b review dat he will die after celebration or getting to DAT day disappear

  16. Dia is so much here in Nigeria, things people do to kill Dia fellow person is really annoying, killing someone is not when you straggler someone to death, you can also kill someone in the inside. People should stop doing this to Dia fellow person, if something happens to you tomorrow you will say is your village people not knowing is what you did to someone else is not good oooooooo repent from dis devilish act……

  17. I just watched the video. it is a very big set up. there was another hand a female to b precisely who helped to spread her legs. buh it was quite unfair. buh chidinma case should b a very big lessons to all. woteva u know dat is an omen don’t do it becos of money or fame. always watch ur back becos mmmmm no one to trust. Chidinma speak up tell the whole world who lured u into d mess. speak up. truely it was u cos I just watched it now and it was uncalled for. speak up. they can’t harm u. where are ur parents? unless they don’t trust their child but if they do let them act only if u tell them d truth. May God help u my dear.

  18. This is plan works why humans being are so dangerous ,if truly this girl is Lesbian as said why video herself like this and send it out for the whole world to see is not possible, she is not my person but I have been feeling the pain since I set my eyes on this video, let us have human feeling at times. Because we are living in a wicked world,once you have become successful in this life many people will be looking for a way to bring you down to nothing. We know she is the one in that video but she can never video herself like that. May Heal her heart.

  19. According to to gossip mills, the so called pageant organisers or mere organisers of SEX pageant, courtesy of Anambra Broadcasting corporation “The Pageant Organisers Use The Contestants As Executive Prostitutes, They Exploit Them Sending Them To Go Sleep With Rich Politicians, Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke Was Set Up Drugged With Refnol, And Forced To Act The Lesbian Sextape, The Video Was Then Used As A Tool To Control Her, Uche Nworah The Pageant Director Is Behind Her Blackmail” – Mr Alaigbo Reveals

  20. My only happiness is that our Creator is a merciful father. He is always ready to forgive any sinner who seeks for his forgiveness. I pray God will forgive and keep you, Chidinma Okeke.

  21. Chidinma my dear…it does not matter what they have done to you. Let them disassociate . whether you did it or not. Firstly….you are a beauty queen and I believe you are still better than the person who posted this rubbish online. He or she is not better than you. Therefore…you have to keep your head high enough to conquer this moment by proving them wrong. What they say or do does not change or add to who you truly are. Be positive. Bless you

  22. Am not justifying dis act but would anyone be happy to hear that dis suffering soul commit suicide? pls stop killing her with your comments even if it was intensional act or not,we are all human and imperfect some times can make mistakes with what shes going tru rigth now l know she must have gotten the punishment & leason of her life already. May God have Mercy on her if she actually did it o o. Be very careful of what you say and pray not to fall into temptation in did wicked world of ours

  23. We r always quick to judge our own without even thinking twice, that’s how our politicians wer alleged for soliciting for sex abroad n we already condemned them even before they were proved guilty, n now they are justified. N this one, before they said she was caught in the act n now they say she acted porn, different stories to back up their claims, all am saying is, how will a beauty queen with her reputation act porn, even as far as exposing her self that way, I know that something is wrong somewhere, this is inhuman, it’s killing, I wish she recovers from this mess.

  24. In this world if you are not thing no body notice you, but if God blessed you everybody will like to hear your story starting from generation to generation . so ples let her have peace in life ples

  25. this are the result of walking nackedly that we are calling miss nigeria. who know what they have done behind the camera before the are finally emerge as a winner. what a nonsense oyinbo culture!

  26. Very funny, that video was staged… I am not here to defend her but of course Mr Uche and his cohorts will dissociate from her, what else do you want them to do… Never dine with the devil because you can’t satisfy him neither can you outsmart him… Life O life

  27. In fact i can’t even saying anything right now, because is just so sad that different stories emanated from various angle.. But am very sure that was a well planned set up to blackmail the poor girl after watching the video repeatedly. Hence judgement is for our creator almighty God to judge on this particular case… I sincerely sympathized with the poor girl….

  28. Stupid people. Exact same was Vanessa Williams’ story when she won the crown as America’s first black Miss USA. They scandalized her, but that brought her fame unequalled, and the world NEVER saw a single nude picture of her again and have even forgotten what she looked like, nude, back then. Chidinma will rise from this fall and excel, so long she learns from it. I can only thank her for being the sacrifice to make poor girls seeking fame and fortune and especially those seeking to make ends meet (not all girls in the act would gladly hop on such a train if not for their “humble backgrounds” and the financial challenges in putting themselves through school and feeding, accommodation, etc. Woe unto the men who take advantage of them for purposes as this. Who unto the organisation dissociating themselves from the saga, like they are absolutely “uninvolved”: I have since learnt in Nigeria that it is the thief that is as unfortunate to get caught that is called a thief, and even stoned to death by worse rogues. Are you aware your senators and elected leaders “breed” and nurture poor girls like Chidinma? And, yes, like you I have watched the video a few times,…….not once, regardless my motives and opinions……so just how much a saint are you?

  29. I never wanted to say anything or comment here but I have to cos this is too much and unbearable for me to see or hear all this stories and lies….. Please friends check this if she is a lesbian will she have video herself knowing who she is in the society and her family,I think they force her….. I was a model before I stop being one cos I was asked to do something so that I can win… When I refused they took someone who is willing to go extra miles…. I pray that God will help and see her through…

  30. may God give you the strength to overcome this..people may laugh at you,don’t worry,don’t think just repent and move closer to God…He is the only one that can give you unconditional love…sometimes even friends and family may laugh at you…don’t have a suicidal thought….. just use your energy in being a good person..if your surrounding is to pressing that you feel like you would suffocate just relocate…and the mercy of God will surely find you…most people that criticize you are not without sin…but the only thing that can make you better than them is to forgive thou it may be hard to forget…don’t worry with time everything will pass….cry ones but don’t cry everyday….you will get another opportunity that will lift u up and this heartbreak now will be a story you’ll share without tears.

  31. Yes most of us do things worse than hers but my dear you should have known who you are and avoid some money mistakes ,if what you said is true it is better you drop the crown than this and you even acted so well as if you were enjoying it

  32. Wel i dnt wnt 2cum in dis issue but it kip on appearin on my newsfeed, my take on dis is dat most of our celebrities re into dis lesbianism nd all dis kind of dirty acts with big men nd women in d society, i tink d girl did it cos of being poor or 2get sum connections 2d top ,its a pity though i pity her so much but it serve as a lesson 2evrybody outside there wgo indulge in dis same act nd i pray dat all d big celebrities names will also be exposed bcos they re d ones dat introduce d little girls into dis, stupid nd useless pple.

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